About Us

All Valley Administrators, LLC (A.V.A.) is a Fresno, California based third party administrator of Qualified Retirement Benefit Plans. Our current size of experienced personnel allows us to provide personal, quality, response-oriented service to our clients throughout the State. A.V.A.'s strengths are based on our ability to provide rapid turnaround on administrative functions, ready access to administrative personnel, competitive Fee Schedules, and exceptional employee/employer communication techniques.

Our firm retains a certified pension actuary for technical support and also retains a staff of benefit attorneys for legal and compliance issues.

Our Pension Administration expertise stems from years of active involvement in administering Qualified Retirement Plans for a large cross-section of diverse employers all over the western U.S. We administer virtually all types of Qualified Retirement Plans, from Defined Benefit to employee participation 401(k) and 403(b) Plans.

A.V.A. is an active member of the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA), San Joaquin Valley chapter and our employees regularly attend meetings, seminars and workshops sponsored by this organization. Our employees also attend regularly scheduled seminars sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service Employee Plans division and the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries' (ASPPA) annual conference.

In addition to regular participation in NIPA and ASPPA seminars and workshops, our employees also participate in annual computer training classes sponsored by our firm's pension software provider. These sessions orient our employees to the actual data processing requirements of working with new and proposed Pension regulations.

Our firm receives periodic, written updates from various sources (ie. NIPA, ASPPA, Commerce Clearing House and Research Institute of America) regarding current, proposed, and future legislative issues pertaining to employee benefit regulations. As part of our normal administrative functions, an annual 'Management' meeting is held with the employer or employer representative to discuss the Plan and any impact the Plan may have pertaining to proposed or future legislative matters.