Flexible Benefits Plan Administration

 Plan Design

All Valley Administrators, in concert with Administrative Solutions Inc. (ASI) of Fresno California, work with employers and advisors to create a flexible benefits plan that is designed to allow an employer to strategically manage its entire benefits program while at the same time meeting the benefit needs of the majority of its employees. Coupled with your business objectives, All Valley Administrators can help you grow your future and the future of your employees. A successful flexible benefits plan helps an employer meet diverse employee needs, maximize the tax savings that can be realized by the employee benefits program, meet competitive pressures in the marketplace, reduce paternalism, and create a sound basis for partnership with employees in a zone of mutual interest-employee benefits.

 Plan Setup

Our Flexible Benefits team works closely with you and your advisor to set up a new plan or transition your existing plan from your current provider. We help establish an action plan and have specific steps that are recognized to successfully implement the plan or takeover of an existing plan. We offer extensive enrollment and educational material that is also essential to the setup and execution of your plan. Implementing a flexible benefits plan can be an intensive endeavor, but All Valley Administrators takes care of the hard work to make it easy and seamless as possible.

Flexible Benefits Plan Setup includes:

  • Plan Analysis and Design Specifications
  • Preparation of Adoption Agreements
  • Preparation of Plan and Trust Documents
  • Preliminary Discrimination Analysis and Testing
  • Employee Communication/Enrollment Meeting (if requested)
  • Assist Administrative Staff in Payroll Deductions and General Plan Matters

Plan Administration

Help your employees decrease health care and dependent care expenses with a Flexible Benefits Plan. Best of all, we handle all the administration and reimbursement tasks associated with the successful implementation of these plans, so you don't have to. We offer enhanced scalable options designed to provide the best possible experience.

Ongoing Flexible Benefits Plan Administration includes:

  • Daily Flexible Spending Account Claim Processing (non-card reimbursements)
  • Weekly Reimbursement Payment Generation (manual check or ACH deposit)
  • Employer Contribution and Disbursement Reporting Available On Demand
  • 'Benny' Prepaid Benefit Card for Flex participants, Specialized Use Card for Expense Payments (based on participant election)
  • Annual Discrimination Testing for Section 125 and 129:
    • 25% Concentration Testing of Key Employees
    • Eligibility Non Discrimination Testing
    • Contributions and Benefits Test
    • 55% Average Benefit Test
  • On-Line Web Access:
    • Employer Reporting
    • Employer Administrative Interaction
    • Employee Member Account access and interaction with Flex Benefit Accounts
    • Mobile Access
  • Year End Employer Reporting
  • IRS Form 5500 Preparation and Submission, as required

All Valley Administrators strives to provide employee benefits that are understandable, accessible and affordable. As an experienced third party administrator for over 25 years, our mission has been and continues to be, consumer driven health and tax-advantaged benefit programs for employers and employees. Our growing success is derived from our clients knowing that 'insurance marketing' is not a part of our business model.

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